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Brief summary of the WSMTF

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Impact report 

Summary of programme impact from 2016 to 2021 

July 2022

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Water Services Maintenance Trust Fund 

Financing reliable water for all in Africa

Information Leaflet

WSMTF leaflet.png

Investing in professionalized maintenance to increase social and economic returns from drinking water infrastructure in rural Kenya

REACH and USAID Sustainable WASH Systems

Policy Brief | Tim Foster et al | 2022

Foster et al 2022.png

A Water Infrastructure Audit of Kitui County

USAID Sustainable WASH Systems

Research Report | Cliff Nyaga | January 2019

Nyaga 2019.png

WSMTF Impact Summary 2023

Summary of programme impact to 2023

WSMTFImpactSummary 2023.PNG

Prototype Water Services Bill

General template based on County Water Services Bill presented to Kitui County Assembly in 2020.

County Water Services Bill - Prototype.png

REACH Story of Change

Scaling-up Results-based Funding for Rural Water Services | September 2021

REACH SoC September 21.png

Improving water and hand-washing services in rural health care facilities in Kitui County, Kenya

REACH and USAID Sustainable WASH Systems

Policy Brief | Jacob Katuva et al | 2022

Katuva et al 2022 - HCF.png

Local and Policy Change to to Promote Sustainable WASH Services in Kitui County, Kenya

USAID Sustainable WASH Systems

Research Report | Johanna Koehler et al | December 2021

Koehler et al 2021.png
Webinar: How can corporate funding incentivise daily delivery of drinking water services in rural Africa?

8th December 2022

This webinar brought a panel together to reflect on the impacts of Kenya's Water Services Maintenance Trust Fund. The Fund has provided a mechanism for Kenyan and international enterprise to fund reliable rural water services since 2016. The approach de-risks corporate funds which are paid after verification of user tariffs, volume supplied and reliability. Between 2016 and 2021, over 400 million litres of water was supplied by the fund, and most repairs fixed within a couple of days (compared to weeks or months under community management). Globally, lessons can be learned on how to develop a platform for enterprise to support social and economic returns for vulnerable communities. Progress might then be made toward filling a multi-billion dollar funding gap.

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Prof Rob Hope - Trustee, Water Services Maintenance Trust Fund

Prof Albert Mumma - Chair, WSMTF

Joy Busolo – Trustee, WSMTF​

Eng. Mike Thomas - Trustee, WSMTF​

Iris Braun - Co-Founder & Chief Officer International, share (GmbH) ​

Simon Wall - GM External Affairs, Base Titanium​ Ltd

Amanda Robertson – Senior WASH Advisor, USAID

Cliff Nyaga - Director, FundiFix​

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